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Air treatment for commercial kitchens

Our innovative grease & odor control devices for gastronomy. Click on the icon for more information.


An answer for the today's challenge. Our air and surface disinfection devices to protect people's health. Click on the icon for more information.


Complete disinfection on-site for institutions, public buildings and companies using ozone and nanotechnology. Click on the icon for more information.


Air-Filter Ltd undertakes the disinfection of all facilities, buildings, offices, halls, warehouses and all enclosed air spaces and surfaces, after which we issue a certificate documenting the extent of disinfection with the results of measurements taken before and after the service.

Thanks to our own production capacities, we have enough equipment, and through our nationwide network, we can quickly reach every settlement in order to carry out the required tasks.

Our customer has nothing to do with the disinfection process other than placing the order. We provide all equipment, manpower, chemicals and coordinate the entire process from start to finish.

R-Filter's residential and institutional hygiene sector provides the professional solution. We disinfect the indoor air and all indoor surfaces!

Our Technologies


(UV-C/O₃) Grease & odor control

Our ozone technology devices, developed using photolysis and ozonolysis to break down grease and odors in the kitchen extract air, oxidise the organic, greasy and odour-bearing substances, they are "cold-burned". The grease load in the extract air system and the odor emission in the environment are significantly reduced.


(UV-C) HVAC ventilation system

Viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, fungi can grow rapidly in your ventilation systems, making your indoor environment infectious. In our versatile devices installed in the air ducts, we make the pathogens harmless by treating them with germicidal UV light.

(UV-C/PCO) Indoor air disinfection and odor control

Our nanotechnology devices are ideal for disinfecting the air in heavily used public spaces. They work continuously, without chemicals, through a combination of germicidal UV light and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO).


(UV-C/PCO) Germ removal

For the disinfection of large amounts of air, we offer solutions for industrial facilities, food processing plants and warehouses with a combination of UV light and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO).


(UV-C/O₃) Indoor air and surface disinfection, odor control

Where no chemicals can penetrate, our ozone disinfection device offers the solution. The ozone gas reaches every tiny corner of the room to be treated. The UV lamps emit a broad spectrum of radiation and have both germicidal and ozone-generating effects.


(UV-C) Surface disinfection

Regular disinfection of so-called high-touch and other surfaces is essential to protect our health. With our portable device, we bring the germicidal UV light close to the surface to be treated to eliminate microorganisms and deliver the highest possible UV dose.

Our mission

We develop such user-friendly, cost-effective technologies that work efficiently without chemicals and environmental pollution, without traditional filters and expensive labor. Our devices use high power UVC or VUV light in combination with TiO2 nano-photocatalyst. In the course of these developments, we benefit greatly from the results of Hungarian scientific research in the field of titanium dioxide nanotechnology. Working together with colleagues from the University of Szeged, we have maximized the efficiency of the technology. Our creative team takes into account the energy-efficient and environmentally conscious expectations of our time. In addition to high technical content, it is also our goal to offer our products an aesthetically adequate presentation. In the area of industrial design, we received recognition at the Red Dot Design Competition. The materials used in the devices we manufacture meet the highest standards and ensure a long product life.

Our certificates

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Our services

  • Design and production of HVAC systems
  • Design and production of grease & odor control systems
  • Consultancy
  • Sales
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Rental of devices
  • Air and surface disinfection

R-Filter technology

The latest tool against airborne pathogens: Excimer lamps containing a krypton-chlorine gas mixture.

Be a responsible air disinfector

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