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Bacteria and molds can settle in the indoor unit of the air conditioners and in their condensate water which is not properly drained during use and can be spread by the air flow in the given room.
Ideal for homes, offices, shops, community spaces and any room where cooling or heating is provided by split air conditioning.

Functional principle

The air conditioner cools or heats the air inside the room by circulating it. The R-FILTER UVQ is installed after the indoor unit of the air conditioner. The air exhausted from the unit is exposed to germicidal UV-C light. The ultraviolet radiation breaks down the DNA of pathogens, killing them and thereby disinfecting the air.

R-Filter innovatív konyhai légkezelés, zsírbontás és szagtalanítás

Features, benefits:

  • easy and quick to install
  • kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores coming out from the air conditioner
  • reduces the spread of infections
  • easy to use
  • cost-effective operation
  • does not produce ozone and by-products