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Viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, fungus, etc. can grow rapidly inside the damp and dark HVAC systems and get distributed all over the buildings through the air-conditioning systems, making your indoor environment infectious. Our in duct installed air disinfection devices inactivate the pathogenic microorganisms “on the fly”. Facility managers should strongly consider incorporating this technology into their buildings.

Functional principle

The UVB air disinfection Stick was designed as one-tube and two-tubes family with different electrical power (36, 60 and 95 W) and with different lengths (195, 395 and 500mm). With this system we can adapt flexibly to the local conditions. In order to achieve the most favourable germicidal, bactericidal effect, an air speed of 2-2.5 m/s is required in the UV lamp area.

Installing two-tubes Sticks in an air duct:


A mikroorganizmusok elpusztításához általában 10–100 Ws/m2 sugárzási dózisra van szükség, miközben az egyes organizmusok sugárzási érzékenysége nagyon eltérő. A D10 dózis érték 7 Ws/m2-től (Escherichia coli) akár 1000 Ws/m2 (gomba) tartományig terjedhet. D10 értéknek nevezzük azt az UV-dózist, amely egy bizonyos kezdeti csíraszámot 90%-kal csökkent. Az UVC-sugárzás hatása a koronavírusokra ismert. A D10 dózis érték ezen vírusokra körülbelül 40 Ws/m2.


Features, benefits:

  • Can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures
  • Configurations can be designed to achieve the desired germicidal UV dose
  • Chemical and ozone free disinfection
  • Innovative control ensures safe operation
  • Create healthier indoor air quality
  • Destroy pathogens that are harmful to health
  • Help to eliminate of sick building syndrome
  • Improve well-being
  • Reduce the maintenance costs of the HVAC system