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Odor neutralization and disinfection

Our air and surface disinfection devices in HVAC system to protect people's health. An answer for the today's challenge. Our in duct installed air disinfection devices inactivate the pathogenic microorganisms “on the fly”. The kill ratio is depending on the UV light intensity, length of exposure and lamp placement.



Fan-assisted, UV light-excited photocatalyst. The device can be used wherever harmful viruses and bacteria and unpleasant odors are to be eliminated.



Fan-assisted, UV light-excited photocatalyst with motion detector for field of hygienic for disinfection and deodorization.


The UVH 50E photocatalyst air purifier is designed for the disinfection and odor control of air in heavily used public areas.


We use UV light, a titanium dioxide-coated surface, i.e. a photocatalyst, in our industrial ceiling-mounted germicidal device.


Large amount of ozone is produced in the reactor chamber from the oxygen content of the ambient air using VUV lamps tuned to a wavelength of 185 nm. The ozone can reach all corners of the room, effectively disinfecting and deodorizing the entire room. It is characterized by very strong oxidizing and good penetration ability.