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Indoor air treatment in closed rooms (hospitals, industrial plants, vegetable storage, etc.)

The fan of the device circulates the air to be disinfected, while germ-killing UV lamps destroy the airborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungal spores) by the help of the photocatalyst. The device is mounted to the ceiling.

Functional principle

In our ceiling-mounted, for industrial use developed disinfection equipment, we also use titanium dioxide-coated surfac as photocatalysts. The synergistic effect of UV-C light and TiO2 photocatalyst is used. There are fans in the device to circulate the air in the room, to be disinfected end deodorized. The air is first exposed to a disinfecting UV-C light, then flows touching the UV light-activated photocatalyst.

At the surface coated with TiO2, the following air purification process takes place:

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The above coating is a semiconductor and when light of a certain wavelength strikes the surface of the titanium dioxide, electrons (e–) are transferred from the valence band to the conduction band. At the same time, electron holes (h+) are formed in the valence band. The holes oxidize strongly, while the electrons have a strong reducing effect. From the water arise highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (·OH) and from the atmospheric oxygen reactive superoxide radicals (·O₂ˉ). As a result, the pollutants are decomposed. The ultraviolet rays change the DNA structure of microorganisms and cause their destruction. Microbes and organics will be mineralized to water and carbon dioxide.

Egy „metszeti” képen az illékony szerves vegyületek (VOC) elbontási folyamata:


Features, benefits:

  • UV light and photocatalyst act synergistically
  • High degree of disinfection
  • Volatile organic and inorganic compounds, odors, are mineralized to water and carbon dioxide
  • Reduces the respiratory diseases
  • Ozone and chemical free operation
  • Does not contain any filter
  • Minimal maintenance effort
  • Stainless steel housing, no risk of corrosion
  • Easy installation
UVT 800M3