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UVC 150

High-touch surfaces are surfaces that are touched multiple times by different users during the day. Regular disinfection of these surfaces with UV-C light prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms by contact.

High-touch surfaces:

  • Desks, telephones, computer screens and keyboards, laptops
  • Doorbell, door handle, light switch, control panels and buttons in elevators
  • Handrails on stairs, walls, tables, beds
  • Bathroom fittings, toilets and sinks
  • Medical equipment and instruments
  • Trainingtools, -mats and -equipment
  • ATMs, payment terminals
  • Seating areas in cars, buses, trains, and passenger planes
  • Seats in the movies and theatres

Functional principle

Touching surfaces contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and viruses is a source of numerous infectious diseases. Since every surface that has been touched or sneezed on by an infected person is capable in principle of transmitting the viruses.
Minimizing this risk is crucial, because research suggests that such as COVID-19 virus may live on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days depending on temperature, type of surface and humidity of the environment.
Our UVC handheld device is an excellent tool for UVC disinfection of all kinds of surfaces. When bacteria and viruses are exposed to a germicidal high-energy UV radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm, their DNA and RNA will be damaged and they lose their ability to reproduce and become virulent.
The UVC-Dose (irradiance multiplied by the exposure time in seconds) should be at least 40 mJ/cm² in order to inactivate viruses, recommends the IUVA (International Ultraviolet Association) for a handheld UVC device for surface disinfection. So if the irradiance at the target surface is 10 mW/cm², the exposure time would have to be 4 seconds.
UVC-Dose (mWsec/cm²) = Irradiance (mW/cm²) x Exposure Time (sec)
The UVC irradiance for certain distances from the bottom of our device UVC 150:


The best kill rate of microorganisms is at 40-60% relative humidity and at an ambient temperature range of 21-24 °C.


Features, benefits:

  • portable UVC device
  • kills microbial surface contaminants - viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores
  • reduces the spread of infections
  • just plug in and use
  • cheap operation
  • lifespan of UV-C lamp is 9,000 hours
  • does not produce ozone and by-products
  • capable of killing 99.99% of germs