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Apartments, offices, health facilities, air conditioning and ventilation

The outside air sucked by the ventilating system, or the air transported through the central ventilation duct system can be disinfected by this device. Built into the duct system, it acts as a passive element, does not have any fan.

Functional principle

There can be many microorganisms in the outside air (fresh air) sucked by ventilating fans or in the air transported through the central ventilation systems, which from a health point of view would be important for us to be destroyed. For this purpose, the R-FILTER disinfection device is recommended, because the UV-C radiation in the device destroys the DNA of the disease-causing mikroorganisms, thus disinfecting the air. The device does not have any fan, it can either be installed in the active or in the passive part of the ventilation system. The air velocity within the device, which is best suited for disinfection, is approximately 2-2.5 m/s. At higher air velocities, the R-FILTER UV-C lamps do not have enough time to destroy the DNA of the bacteria to be disinfected the air.

The light spectrum in nanometers:

At the wavelength of 265 nm, the germicidal effect of UV-C radiation has its maximum.


Features, benefits:

  • Can be easily installed as duct piece in existing duct system
  • Excellent air hygiene, high degree of disinfection
  • Reduces the respiratory diseases
  • Works ozone-free
  • Works without chemicals
  • Does not contain any filter
  • Stainless steel housing, no risk of corrosion
  • Minimal cleaning effort