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Viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, fungus, etc. can grow rapidly inside the damp and dark HVAC systems and get distributed all over the buildings through the air-conditioning systems, making your indoor environment infectious. Our in duct installed air disinfection devices inactivate the pathogenic microorganisms “on the fly”. Facility managers should strongly consider incorporating this technology into their buildings.

Functional principle

Our UVR air disinfection Rack family, i.e. our family of UV frames, is designed with different frame lengths (400, 650, 880, 1200 and 1550mm) and with different electrical power (48, 72, 95 and 155 W). We use three different types of technical designs for flexible adaptation to HVAC air duct systems:
- From outside installed UV Rack - with integrated control (channel wall is cut to size)
- From outside installed UV Rack - without integrated control (channel wall is cut to size)
- From inside installed UV Rack - with external control. See on the picture!
In order to achieve the most favourable germicidal, bactericidal effect, an air speed of 2-2.5 m/s is required in the UV lamp area.


A radiation dose of 10 to 100 Ws/m2 is generally required to kill microorganisms, while different organisms have very different radiation sensitivities, which can range from 7 Ws/m2 (Escherichia coli) to 1.000 Ws/m2 (fungi). The effect of UVC radiation on corona viruses is known. The D10 dose is around 40 Ws/m2. The D10 value is the UV dose that reduces a certain initial number of germs by 90%.
R-Filter innovatív konyhai légkezelés, zsírbontás és szagtalanítás

Features, benefits:

  • Can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures
  • Configurations can be designed to achieve the desired germicidal UV dose
  • Chemical and ozone free disinfection
  • Innovative control ensures safe operation
  • Create healthier indoor air quality
  • Destroy pathogens that are harmful to health
  • Help to eliminate of sick building syndrome
  • Improve well-being
  • Reduce the maintenance costs of the HVAC system