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UVS 1500F
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UVS 1500F
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Gastronomy, food industry

Typical applications of the device are catering, canteen kitchens, fast food restaurants, show kitchens, the food industry, as well as places where grease and oil are heated and the grease-laden air causes deposits in the exhaust duct system and odors the environment. Deposits cause fire hazards and high cleaning costs. By installing an R-FILTER air purifying device in the exhaust duct, these problems will be eliminated by "cold burning" of the pollutants.
Thanks to the innovative system of R-FILTER, the device can be easily installed as a duct piece in existing and new systems. For treatment, several air streams from exhaust hoods can be bundled. The air duct only has to be cleaned up to the installation point of the device, it protects all ventilation and construction elements in the duct!

Functional principle

Even the most efficient aerosol separators used in the exhaust hoods above the cooking and frying surfaces are not capable of separating fat molecules less than 5 microns. They continue to flow and contaminate the elements of the ventilation system. In order to prevent this, we recommend the R-FILTER. The wide spectrum R-FILTER UV lamps optimized for fat decomposition deliver the desired effect in short wavelength in two phases. The UV light in phase 1 (photolysis) breaks up the long-chain fat molecules and splits oxygen molecules (O₂) into two highly reactive single oxygen atoms (O). During phase 2 (oxidation) this single atoms combined with normal oxygen molecules (O₂) form ozone (O₃), which strongly oxidizes the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminating odors and disinfecting the air. The single oxygen atom (O) reacts quickly also with the humidity of the exhausted air and produces highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (·OH), which turn into the oxidation process with little reaction time and high efficiency. The final result is water vapor, carbon dioxide and a little harmless dust, which are removed with the exhaust air flow free of deposits. The ventilation duct remains practically clean and free of grease. The device is classified as an UV-device for the treatment of aerosol in commercial kitchens in accordance with the European standard EN 16282-8:2017.


The location of the ozone generating radiation of 185 nm in the light spectrum:


Because the wide spectrum R-FILTER UV lamps emit also a wavelength of 253.7 nm, their bactericidal and disinfecting effect is working too.

Features, benefits:

  • Effectively removes the grease and odors from the extract air
  • Significantly reduces the cleaning and maintenance work
  • Significantly reduces the risk of fire
  • Higher life of the extract air system
  • No more odor pollution for the neighborhood
  • Chemical-free operation
  • Residues are 100% biodegradable
  • No environmental pollution
  • Destructs effectively the bacteria and mold spores
  • Stainless steel housing, no risk of corrosion
  • Very low operating costs
  • Amortisation period 1.5 to 2 years

If you have any questions about installation, please consult your building service engineer or distributor. The calculator on the website will help you to choose the right equipment.

On request, we will send you device data sheets after registration under the menu item "Contact".